Is the person waiting outside your entrance a threat or just waiting for a friend? Are goods on your loading docks protected — even when associates and drivers may be inside the store? With the Loitering Monitoring analytic, you’ll be alerted when someone loiters in a designated area for too long, allowing you to take action before it’s too late. See it in action in this quick animation.

Do your shoppers shop in pairs, friend groups, or alone? How can you protect merchandise from would-be thieves whose actions are shielded from cameras by groups of their associates? With our Group Detection analytic, you can do both of those — and more. Check out this short video that breaks down how our Group Detection analytic can be put to work in your stores.

Parking lots are a valuable part of any retail location, and keeping them safe, efficient, and optimized is more important than ever before. See how our Vehicle Alert analytic can help you detect unauthorized vehicles, understand average wait times for curbside pick up, and enhance the customer experience.

As retail criminals become more brazen, retailers need even more powerful tools to prevent large theft events before they happen. Watch our Shelf Sweep Detection analytic to see how it detects shelf sweeps and alerts associates and managers in real time.

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